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KP Real Estate Group is a full-service real estate firm that specializes in real estate rehabilitation, property management solutions, representing real estate buyers and sellers, and returning above average ROI to our investors. Since 2010 we have transformed communities by taking vacant, distressed, and underperforming properties and bringing them back to life. With our process, we take pride in positively contributing to our neighborhoods by providing housing solutions that matter and benefit all parties involved.

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Below is a brief, overall summary of how we utilize private lenders as a function of our business. Our team has successfully completed 90+ projects since 2011, and we continue to build upon this foundation and grow our business exponentially every year.

To allow our company to purchase more properties, and enable us to grow and scale our business, we utilize private lenders to fund a portion of our projects (purchase price & renovation cost).

In return, we provide our private lenders with a secured investment that yields them above average returns on their investment.

The lender’s investment is secured by a promissory note and private balloon mortgage that gets recorded at the time we purchase the property and funds are transferred, thus securing the lender’s investment in first lien position on the subject property. We also fully insure the property with a hazard insurance policy and name our lender as the additional insured on the policy to further secure their investment.

The term of the note is generally 6 – 12 months, with an average total hold time of 3-6 months for us to fully renovate the home, get a buyer in contract, and close the sale. Once we complete the renovation and sell the property, your loan is paid back in one balloon payment of principle plus earned interest.

We are always looking to take on new projects and build relationships with our lenders to do more deals together, so you have the opportunity to reinvest your funds right back into another project with KP Real Estate Group if you’d like, and watch your money grow!

We want to partner with the right people so please complete application so we can send you a private lending presentation that provides more information about our company and the private lending process with KP Real Estate Group.


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I lived at one of KP Real Estate Group’s (KPREG) rental properties for over two years and absolutely loved my time there. Needless to say, the location in the Italian Village/Short North was fantastic and the property, having been recently renovated, was in excellent condition.

If I ever had any questions or issues, they were very responsive and easy to work with during my stay. I must say that a major positive for anyone who decides to rent from KPREG is that their team manage their properties well. This means that you don’t have to deal with a third party property management company and that everyone is invested in making sure you are satisfied with your stay.

As a fellow landlord and owner of multiple rental properties in Dayton, OH, it was a pleasure renting from KP Real Estate Group and being able to make Hamlet Street my home for a couple years. I highly recommend renting from KPREG!

Keith Morris

Investment Property Consultant, DM2 Properties

When choosing a real estate agent I would highly recommend anyone affiliated with KP. They are extremely knowledgeable of the market, both residential and commercial.

I have bought numerous properties over the last few years, both for personal and investment. They have helped grow my profile in a timely manner and are always full of useful resources to help me throughout the process.

Responses are done in a timely manner and they are willing to go over and beyond in helping with the process to ensure that things are not an inconvenience for the client.

Jennifer Wall

We have worked with KPREG for the past few years in over 100 different real estate inspections.

We believe that they are doing things right. Many other Management and Real Estate companies look at real estate as a ROI where KP Real Estate Group cares more about the people and lifestyle they can provide.

Their philosophy towards business is very rare and I believe that is why their company is leading the pack for Central Ohio!

Christian Flinn

President at Business Coaching, Home Inspection and Construction, H. Christian Flinn, Inc.


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